Alexandru Ion


This paper presents the effects of poor maintenance of the Franciscan monastery inside Arad fortress which is an historical heritage building. The structural resistance is severely affected and after a visit to the monastery cracks were observer in the walls, spandrel beams, arches and vaults. Also there were some unauthorized interventions done to the structure. A nonlinear analysis was also done for the structure and the analysis showed the structure will have structural failures after an earthquake. Some consolidation methods have been proposed for the foundations, walls, arches, vaults and towers. The consolidation of the structure should be done with reversible materials that do not affect the historical value of the historical heritage building.        


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Ion, A. (2019). The Structural analysis and proposed consolidation methods for the Franciscan monastery in the Arad fortress. Journal of Architecture, Urbanism and Heritage, 2(1). Retrieved from http://jauh.ro/index.php/JAUH/article/view/6


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